Become a volunteer for the Reading Rooms project

The Reading Rooms project is looking for volunteers for this new autumn term. Just give one hour per week to this amazing experience of shared reading by the Verbal Arts Centre.

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What is Reading Rooms? Reading Rooms is a project run by the Verbal Arts Centre but is based out in the heart of the community. Reading Rooms uses a reading aloud and shared reading setting to encourage participants to share personal experiences from their past sparking memories, stimulating new thoughts and provoking conversations related to the short story and poems being used by the facilitators who are all trained volunteers. The Reading Rooms project has been delivered out in schools, with young people (including NEETS) with learning disabled, with older people, including those with dementia and in prison since 2013. The work with Reading Rooms has shown outcomes beyond all expectation and continues to develop and grow. Where do they take place? Reading Rooms can take place anywhere in the community and works best in groups of no more than 10 people. If you would like to experience a Reading Room there is an open Reading Room for example in Foyleside Shopping Centre every Thursday at 7.00pm evening in Eason’s bookshop where you would be made most welcome. Others have taken place in community centres, day care centres, Dementia Cafes, libraries, art centres and galleries etc. There are new Reading Rooms planned focusing on disability, with older people including Residential Care Homes and with young people in care as well as extending the prison programme. Volunteers: The Readers are all trained volunteers. The process begins when you contact the Verbal Arts Centre. You will meet with a member of staff and they will chat to you about the project and there is an informal interview to find out about you and your interests. It may be that you are suited to volunteering in a different programme to Reading Rooms. All volunteers in the Reading Rooms project will be Access NI checked and then offered training. The next training is planned for the autumn 2014 term. This training will give you the confidence to begin (initially with support) to conduct Reading Rooms with a group most suited to your interests and needs. All we ask is that you offer one hour per week to a Reading Room group and are available to pick up your materials at the centre. We also ask volunteers to attend monthly meetings where possible in order to share and support each other’s work and to hear about other opportunities happening at the centre. So if you like reading and would like to share this with others do contact the Verbal Arts Centre either by phone or email.

If you would like more information on Reading Rooms please contact:

Telephone: 028 71 266 946 



Facebook: Verbal Arts Centre

Twitter: verbalarts

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