Fighting Words allow kid's imaginations to run wild

The Fighting Words team were in the Verbal Arts Centre this week helping local schoolchildren tap into their imaginations and create their very own story books with the help of professional editors and illustrators. Have a look at the amazing story one local school came up with

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St Canice Primary School, Co Derry/Londonderry, P5, 26th November 2013, Illustrations by Emma Rowe
On Halloween night kids go trick or treating and Evil Dr. B hides under the sofa or sometimes he hides in the attic too.

11068525036_5b51ac8afc.jpgOne day, Chump Chump the Karate Monkey made an invention and Evil Dr. B really liked it. He invented a watch to make Evil Dr. B unscared of Halloween Costumes. So then Evil Dr. B said,
“With this watch, we could take over the world.”

Later, Dr B saw kids in Halloween costumes. He wasn’t afraid and he swiped a costume, put it on himself and went trick or treating.

So then Dr. B took off the watch invention and gave it to Chump Chump the Monkey. Dr. B made some adjustments to the watch and they both got scared! He made some more adjustments and neither of them were scared.

One day, Evil Dr. B broke the watch and he was so scared that he sold the Halloween costumes and made lots of money.
He even sent Chump Chump out to all the houses and when the people came out, the monkey collected money from them.
After Dr B got all the money, he bought a rich house and everyone was jealous of him.

Because he didn’t give any sweets to the trick or treaters, they got mad and they came after him.

They ran round the streets going mad. Then Chump Chump came back and Evil Dr B wasn’t there and he made an invention to stop all the trick or treaters.
11068526536_01f383992b.jpgOne day the machine broke so Evil Dr.B decided to go on holidays to America.

“I love America” said Evil Dr B. He jumped in the pool and when he came out of the water, he saw some of the trick or treaters. They had followed him to America! They were coming after him and Evil Dr.B had to fly back to Derry.

11068546614_b1c8844652.jpgWhen he got back, Chump Chump the Monkey said,
“Let’s make a big machine to make ourselves grow bigger so we can scare all the nasty trick or treaters away.”

But it was too late.

The trick or treaters tried to break Dr B’s new house. They put him in a barrel and rolled him into the sea. He ended up in Canada and Chump Chump was left in Derry. Evil Dr B didn’t care, he made a new life in Canada and he started being nice!


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