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Why Storytelling?

We believe storytelling both written and spoken is a transformational, leadership art, open to all, through which we translate values into action: engaging head, heart and hands.

At its foundation storytelling is accessible, engaging & participation based created from the experience of challenge, choice and outcome which we all have encountered.

Everything Verbal does aims to give everyone regardless of ability, background or circumstances the opportunity and the means to; tell their story & listen to the stories of others.

Since first established in 1992 Verbal’s mission has been and remains the promotion of the written and spoken word, the celebration of commonality and diversity and the development of knowledge, understanding and excellence in the creation, performance and critical practice together with research, publication and the provision of information.

Our work is divided into 5 programme areas: Digital Storytelling, Publishing, Reader Development, Festival & Events, Oral History & Archive                                                                                                                                                                                  

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Projects and activities delivered by the Verbal Arts Centre


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A short guide. The Verbal Arts Centre is a Registered Educational Charity. Discover more about the history of this beautiful building and its public art…


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Public Art

Verbal Arts Centre has a number of commissioned works by leading Irish artists, sculptors, designers and craftsmen which provide a visual counterpoint to each floor.…